Select from customised Costa Rica Vacation packages

Published August 24, 2012 by crreferral

Costa Rica offers a plenty of adventure and warm weather activities for every taste. Dive in the crystalline blue water featuring beautiful underwater life, experience deep sea and inshore fishing, zip through the sky via a canopy tour or take part in horse riding trips to make your holidays unforgettable. Costa Rica will never offer a dull moment with treasure of attractions, cuisine, buzzing nightlife, adventures, and splendid beaches.

The comfortable accommodation options and affordable travel packages welcome millions of travellers across the globe for Costa Rica vacations. The natural attractions and adventurous activities of the place allure visitors to return again and again.

There are so many hotel options in Costa Rica, with all inclusions for a comfortable stay, that sometimes the tourists get confused about the selection. You can choose from fabulous luxury spa hotels to five star boutique hotels, scattered across the country. All hotels offer the contemporary facilities, customized high quality services, and other activities that make your stay a real tale.

If you are travelling to this country for the first time, we recommend taking a Costa Rica vacations package. As a package will meet all your necessities within your budget. It includes an affordable but comfortable accommodation along with sight-seeing. As Costa Rica has so much to offer in terms of natural attractions and recreational activities, the packages are customized accordingly. You may select from a bird-watching package, scuba package to a spa & wellness package. There are customised honeymoon packages for couples to hide in the romantic Costa Rica.


Enjoy unforgettable Costa rica vacations in a natural paradise

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Costa Rica, a beautiful country situated in the central America between the pacific ocean and the Caribbean sea. A fascinating vacation destination exploded with natural wildlife, pristine beaches, contrasting landscapes, impressive places of scenic beauty, peaceful oasis with pure beauty. Explore rain forests, traverse the jungles, climb a volcano, get relaxed in best amusement parks.

Costa Rica is truly an amazing and magical destination with astounding diversity and countless treasures. Plan your Costa Rica Vacations during the green season to feel the wonders of nature, grandest adventures, scintillating culture. Nature lovers will be delighted with exotic biodiversity unlike anywhere else in the world. Adventurers will be extremely thrilled by the best rafting, canyoning and ziplines in the America. Sun worshippers can have their choice of beaches on the pacific ocean to find a shady palm and cool drink.

One can find many inclusive hotel options to select form that visitors sometimes become confused. Fabulous small luxury spa hotels with high quality services and a plethora of activities to make your stay a real tale. These are perfect for romantic gateways, honeymoons, weddings, and family vacations. Give relaxation to your eyes watching a wide variety of natural and man made attractions. Hike golf, canopy, boating, horseback riding, bird watching, zip lining and much more to keep you amazed throughout the day. Do not miss out to watch natural parks where you can relax with mud pack spa or massage, watch the nesting of turtles rent canoes and much more.

Reach Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve from Arenal by car

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The Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica is amongst the prime focus of outdoor enthusiasts. The rainforests, cloud forests, and the mountains together create a unique habitat for a diverse variety of flora and fauna. It is an eco-tourism destination which is popularly known as Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Beside the fierce Arenal and some beautiful country beaches, Monteverde is amongst the destinations you must not miss during you Costa Rica Vacations.

The distance between the Arenal and Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is 65 miles (106 km) by road. Although the distance doesn’t seem too long; but, it takes almost 5 hours to reach Monteverde from Arenal. This is because the road in between is pitted with gravel, potholes, and bumps.

 You can reach the reserve by car from La Fortuna in around four to five hours. There is no direct road route between La Fortuna and Monteverde, due to change in elevation. La Fortuna is at 1,150 feet above the sea level and Monteverde being at 5,000 feet. You have to go through the town Tilarán. The road from La Fortuna to Tilarán is in a good condition while the road ahead to Monteverde is quite pathetic. If you are planning your Costa Rica Vacations during the rainy season (October and November), it will be difficult to travel this route without a 4×4 vehicle.

 The cars are available on rental, and you can contact your travel planner to make an arrangement. There are also other option to reach the splendid Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

Pack Your Bags For Incredible Costa Rica Vacations

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Costa Rica is the happiest place on earth. Lush rainforests filled with exotic plants and animals, lovely tropical beaches where dolphins and whales are playing off-shore, volcanoes with hot springs, and friendly people make an ideal atmosphere for perfect vacations. Costa Rica, which means rich coast, has become one of the marvelous tourist destinations in the world. It is a land of volcanoes with something for everybody from the nature lover, adventure lover to just lovers. Scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean, Sunbathing on the white sand beaches, canyoning, or water rating through pristine forests are some of the options for your Costa Rica vacations.

The country enjoys a tropical climate with warm weather all the year round. There are two major seasons; the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season runs from January to May whilst the rainy season is between May and December. The rainy season is also known as the green season. The coolest months in the country are from November to January and are the best time to visit the country.

Plan a Costa Rica vacations during this period and enjoy adventure sports and nature. Dive in the crystal blue water to experience the spectacular underwater life, take horse riding tours through the forests and watch a diverse range of flora and fauna. From natural activities to cultural events, Costa Rica is a dream escape for families, singles, couples, and adventure seekers. You will never find a dull moment in this paradise.

Amazing Costa Rica vacations at Lapa Rios Ecolodge

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Spacious cabins in the middle of a 1000 acre private reserve lie on the Southern most tip of Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Your search for a paradise will end here at Lapa Rios resort situated in the heart of the forest with diverse wildlife. Sitting in your room feeling the chilled breeze of the Pacific and watching the hyacinth macaw is an incredible experience.

Connected through little paths, the cabins with high thatched roofs are a perfect stay for your Costa Rica Vacations. The cabins have private deck from where you can enjoy the deep blue colors of the ocean. No walls exist between you and the forest, just an invisible mesh, giving and impression of real wildlife. You can hear the rustle of leaves at night. There is no air-conditioner, no television and not even a power socket to connect your laptop or iPod. Just trees swaying with the soft breeze. Lapa Rios is just about the real world, the basic world around us.

However, the place has its own luxuries. The resort has a restaurant serving delicious cuisine and sublime cocktails. There are two viewing stations at the restaurant for nature enthusiasts and the bird nerds.

You can take the spiral staircase to reach the high Mirador and have a look on your surroundings. Cool down yourself on your Costa Rica Vacations in a swimming pool situated between the cabins and restaurant at Lapa Rios. Costa Rica is an excellent destination to explore with so many options that you cannot cover in a single trip. The expert travel planners will help you with an affordable itinerary to Lapa Rios.

Action-packed Costa Rica vacations at affordable rates

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Cost Rica is known around the globe for its natural wonders and beauty and Arenal is the best example. The Arenal Volcano, situated in the northern lowlands of Costa Rica, is the main natural attraction of the country. It is at a height of 5,437 feet and is around 7,000 years old formed from the Chato Volcano, which is extinct now. Arenal is a place to explore activities like horseback riding, white-water rafting, rainforest hikes, canyoneering adventures and more.

You can enjoy the Costa Rica Vacations with hanging bridges and hot springs. Just 4 miles away from the volcano is a charming town called La Fortuna. The hotels in the town offer perfect accommodation for exploring the volcano, Arsenal lake and the nearby natural attraction. The hotels provide a comfortable stay after the fun-filled day. The restaurants serve the delicious traditional and international cuisines.

Cave excursion, waterfall rappelling, mountain bike rides and rafting trips are several other interesting activities that you can do on your Costa Rica Vacations. At a short distance from the La Fortuna town is a delightful La Fortuna waterfall. The waterfall emerges from the dense forests and falls into an emerald pool below. A swim in the chilly pool can be a perfect end of the day.

There are many travel agents in Costa Rica offering reasonable packages, which can accommodate tourists of all the age groups. The packages are available for both individuals and groups. You can always contact these agencies for any issues, before, during or after the trip.

Vacation to Costa Rica is a perfect way to stress out

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A vacation in Costa Rica will retreat your inner soul with peace and calmness. It is a natural tourist attraction and is voted as the happiest place on earth. It attracts tourists of all interests whether an adventure lover or nature lover. The incredible marine life provides thrilling options for sea-surfing, rafting, fishing and scuba diving. The tourists can also spend time in exploring the volcanic eruption or wandering across the wild life sanctuaries.

Thus, Costa Rica vacations can equally cater the needs of both young and old visitors. The country has numerous national parks and wild life sanctuaries. While the nature lovers can spend their time exploring the dense forests for a variety of flora and fauna, the adventurous people can opt for climbing, hiking or motorcycle rides on the rough mountains.

Costa Rica vacations also offer a perfect romantic escape. The country is known for its romantic culture and thus is amongst the favorite honeymoon destinations of millions of couples. Imagine an exotic candlelight dinner with your spouse in a mystic rain-forest or at an enchanting beach. The crystalline waterfall, warm sea breeze and natural massage treatments make you feel like a royal.

You can study about the top tourist destinations over the web, and also look for a travel planner offering vacation packages for Costa Rica. The travel experts offer different packages like beach packages, birding package, honeymoon package, scuba package and more. You can book a package according to your interests, and can also ask the travel agent to customize it for your needs.