Things to do when you are at Costa Rica

Published May 2, 2012 by crreferral

Costa Rica is situated in Cental America in 51,100 sq. km. land area. It is one of the famous tourist destination because of its warm climate and beaches, apart from this this small country have 46,768 species of different animals and insects such as orchids, birds, butterflies, and freshwater fishes.

Following are few things that you can enjoy while you are at Costa Rica Vacations:

1. White water rafting:

At Costa Rica you can enjoy white water rafting, which will let you dive into the unknown tropical boondocks of Costa Rica. So whether you are a novice or a skilled white water rafter, an adventurer or a nature aficionado, it is extremely important to experience white water rafting in Costa Rica.

2. Aerial adventures:

With its abundant tropical rain forests, Costa Rica can give you one of the worlds best natural parks. You can enjoy Aerial Adventures on chairlift- style trip that was built for optimum wildlife and bird viewing.

3. Beach escapades

When you have your Costa Rica Vacations, it is a must that you try and experience plunging into its exquisite beaches.Costa Rica has a long range of glamorous beach resorts and first- class hotel accommodations.

4. Wind surfing

With the strong Tradewinds blowing within the region, wind surfing has been one of the most sough- after activity every vacationer would like to experience. Among the many lakes situated in Costa Rica, Lake Arenal is one of the finest windsurfing sites in the world.

5. Fishing and Scuba diving

Fishing and Scuba diving will never be the same again if you will experience this in Costa Rica. With its famous, Manuel Antonio National Park and Quepos, you can only be assured of a remarkable vacation near the waters.

Now you can check your self that how much fun and adventure you can have during your Costa Rica Vacations. So book your vacations in adavnce and have great memories of your life.


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