Amazing Costa Rica vacations at Lapa Rios Ecolodge

Published July 24, 2012 by crreferral

Spacious cabins in the middle of a 1000 acre private reserve lie on the Southern most tip of Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Your search for a paradise will end here at Lapa Rios resort situated in the heart of the forest with diverse wildlife. Sitting in your room feeling the chilled breeze of the Pacific and watching the hyacinth macaw is an incredible experience.

Connected through little paths, the cabins with high thatched roofs are a perfect stay for your Costa Rica Vacations. The cabins have private deck from where you can enjoy the deep blue colors of the ocean. No walls exist between you and the forest, just an invisible mesh, giving and impression of real wildlife. You can hear the rustle of leaves at night. There is no air-conditioner, no television and not even a power socket to connect your laptop or iPod. Just trees swaying with the soft breeze. Lapa Rios is just about the real world, the basic world around us.

However, the place has its own luxuries. The resort has a restaurant serving delicious cuisine and sublime cocktails. There are two viewing stations at the restaurant for nature enthusiasts and the bird nerds.

You can take the spiral staircase to reach the high Mirador and have a look on your surroundings. Cool down yourself on your Costa Rica Vacations in a swimming pool situated between the cabins and restaurant at Lapa Rios. Costa Rica is an excellent destination to explore with so many options that you cannot cover in a single trip. The expert travel planners will help you with an affordable itinerary to Lapa Rios.


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