Reach Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve from Arenal by car

Published August 8, 2012 by crreferral

The Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica is amongst the prime focus of outdoor enthusiasts. The rainforests, cloud forests, and the mountains together create a unique habitat for a diverse variety of flora and fauna. It is an eco-tourism destination which is popularly known as Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Beside the fierce Arenal and some beautiful country beaches, Monteverde is amongst the destinations you must not miss during you Costa Rica Vacations.

The distance between the Arenal and Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is 65 miles (106 km) by road. Although the distance doesn’t seem too long; but, it takes almost 5 hours to reach Monteverde from Arenal. This is because the road in between is pitted with gravel, potholes, and bumps.

 You can reach the reserve by car from La Fortuna in around four to five hours. There is no direct road route between La Fortuna and Monteverde, due to change in elevation. La Fortuna is at 1,150 feet above the sea level and Monteverde being at 5,000 feet. You have to go through the town Tilarán. The road from La Fortuna to Tilarán is in a good condition while the road ahead to Monteverde is quite pathetic. If you are planning your Costa Rica Vacations during the rainy season (October and November), it will be difficult to travel this route without a 4×4 vehicle.

 The cars are available on rental, and you can contact your travel planner to make an arrangement. There are also other option to reach the splendid Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.


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